Powder Coating

Powder coating is a coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. The main advantages between a normal paint and a powder coating are;

  • Powder coating is less harmful to the environment compared with normal paint

  • Powder coating produces a much thicker coating than conventional paint without running or sagging

  • Powder coating overspray can be recycled

  • A wide range of specialty effects can be applied which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes

Shot Blasting & Stripping

Once the metal has been striped it is then ready for shot blasting which is the perfect preparatory operation for achieving the best possible surface adhesion for powder coating and any other type of painting/spraying process. The process involves abrasive particles that are fired under compressed air pressure at the metal which removes any surface contaminants and rust to produce a better quality finish.


Masking & Preparation

At Bournes we will mask and plug any holes, threads or surfaces that you require which can save the client a lot of time and hassle. When dealing with alloy wheels we will fill any small dents and chips, also removing any scuffs and marks on the wheel to bring it back to near perfect condition, after all quality is our priority.